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Miami Baptist Church

Logansport, IN

Miami Baptist Church

1368 N County Road 600 E
Logansport, IN 46947

Ph: (574) 753-0313
Sunday Services
Sunday School
9:00 am
Worship Service
10:00 am
Evening Worship (Casual)
5:00 pm
Weekly Events
5:00 pm - Choir Practice
4:30 pm - Stretching For the Lord! (exercise group)
6:30 pm - Bible Study
4:30 pm - Stretching For the Lord! (exercise group)

Church Constitution: Article VIII - Ratification and Adoption

This constitution shall be made available to the membership of the Miami Baptist Church for a period of no less than four weeks for consideration and discussion before a vote for ratification and adoption is taken. At the special business meeting called to ratify the constitution, voting shall be by show of hands. A vote shall be taken on each section. A section shall be ratified when it receives thee-fourths vote of those present at the special meeting.