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Miami Baptist Church

Logansport, IN

Miami Baptist Church

1368 N County Road 600 E
Logansport, IN 46947

Ph: (574) 753-0313
Sunday Services
Sunday School
9:00 am
Worship Service
10:00 am
Evening Worship (Casual)
5:00 pm
Weekly Events
5:00 pm - Choir Practice
4:30 pm - Stretching For the Lord! (exercise group)
6:30 pm - Bible Study
4:30 pm - Stretching For the Lord! (exercise group)


Miami Baptist Church has witnessed the miracle of the Lord's marvelous work for over 150 years. Records indicate that, "On July 25, 1842, a number of neighbors and friends met in the school house that stood about one mile south of our present church building for the purpose of organizing as an arm or branch of the Logansport Baptist Church."

A small frame church was completed in the early 1850s. It stood in the northwest corner of the present Miami Baptist Cemetery. This structure served as a place of worship for the congregation until July 4, 1880. Mr. A. E. Packard relates that, "In 1873 the church voted 18 to 16 to move from the old site of the cemetery to our present church, as most members then lived in the village then known as Hooverville. They then started to build our present church building." Numerous additions and improvements have been made from time to time since its completion.

But, it takes more than brick and stone to make a church; and as one sits reverently at worship in the sanctuary today, he realizes that "the Lord" has indeed "built the house" both physically and spiritually.

This booklet has been prepared with the belief that you are interested in the outreach of the Gospel of Christ. Here you will find our church covenant and constitution. Our basic beliefs regarding the purpose and goals of the Christian faith are revealed in the covenant. The constitution outlines the policies, which govern church membership, organization, and administration.

Preface by Rev. Bryan T. Clemens, Pastor, December 1963 to 1967

Packard, A. E., History of Miami Baptist Church, 1842 to 1957, unpublished manuscript

Constitution Revised, 1979

Joel N. Blanton, Sr., Pastor, October, 1972 to 1982

Constitution Revised, 2001

Jan M. Hobbs, Pastor, 1999 to 2006

Doug Ohime, Pastor, 2007 to 2010